Services for you

Gateway Networking believes that the product is incomplete with out the service provider adding value to it. While it is critical to have good quality products, the service provider must also have the capability to bring out the best in the industry through innovative and optimal use of their capabilities. It is our belief that services will be the differentiating factor when it comes to IT solutions and we have proven ourselves with our superior service offerings.

Business Discovery:
An intelligence-gathering process to gain a better understanding of the business challenges and the market in which you operate.

Current State Assessment:
A thorough assessment of the current state of installed technology environment and a review of the objectives for change.

Gap Analysis:
In-depth analysis and report on current environment needs to be enhanced to meet the business objectives.

Solution Design:
Engagement of expert technology professionals in the planning and design of a comprehensive solution to meet business objectives.

Implementation Planning and Testing:
A pre-implementation phase in which solution concepts are proven and proposed configurations tested.

Formal support structure and escalation procedures to address problems or concerns promptly and professionally, while helping the staff to become self-sufficient.

Continuous monitoring of the solutions to ensure they meet customer expectations and to proactively address future needs.