NetConz offers a wide range of custom application development, validation, and other discrete services that are bespoke in nature, cost effective and helps our customers to take advantage of new trends, innovations and remain ahead of their competitors. We have the expertise that allows us to take the lead and deliver truly optimal technological solutions that maximise performance and reduce cost. Our processes are tried and tested taking into account the peculiarities of target markets.


At NetConz we are focussed on innovation and creativity. We follow a unique processes to solve complex embedded software, DSP and web/mobile development challenges, create reliable solutions, and supplement our clients' existing development teams with our experts.

Value system

Our ethos throughout has always been to provide quality software solutions, whether you are a growing business or an established organisation. We know through experience that every business is different, and that every product or software application needs to be maintained and updated to meet the ever growing expectations of its users.

About Us

The world will continue to debate on – What is technology good for? But then, we are already busy enabling businesses with technology all over.

NetConz Technologies has a team of seasoned experts from technology and business consulting domain at the helm. Our technological sophistication and rational aspirations are fuelling businesses across industries.

NetConz Technologies renders the services as software consulting, development, and testing. Our prime focus spans – Embedded systems software, DSP, audio/video applications, mobile phone applications, tablet applications, and video streaming software. It is hard not to acknowledge that all human deeds are time sensitive at varying degrees. We learn this very fact looking at agricultural era, industrial era, and now at the digital era we are in.

Our clientele operate at varying scales and hail from diverse industry spectra. And it is in the very edict of NetConz Technologies that all deliverables go out ahead of time promised and are of the quality agreed. As a small and coherent team, we constantly gain insights into different industries and assume challenges of our customers as our own. Start a dialogue today to have one of our experts stationed at your office and take on your everyday business challenges.

Our Mission

To continually invigorate the adaption of technological advancements across our client ecosystem.

Our Vision

To positively impact the business of our customers by delivering cost-efficient and effective software that best fits the needs.


CEO Message

At NetConz Technologies we are motivated by the development we bring to all stakeholders. By enabling businesses and pursuing excellence in every aspect of operations, we will continue to contribute to all our stakeholders and the world at large. Technology is synonymous to agility and things are changing faster than ever. In today’s business ideation, development and adaption are rapid phenomenon. And for us, technology is not a business but a tool and your success is ours too. We as a company are committed to development and on-time delivery of high quality software. We want to be valued as a key enabler and partner in the success of our customers. With renewed effort and constant support from all our partners, we are sure to attract the best of talent to take on challenges of our clientele. We will continue to pursue our sustainability journey with customers, employees, and environment as three foci.


Technology is sometimes only as good as the principles that govern its application. The core philosophy at NetConz Technologies is thus to deliver a platter of services that add best value to business by leveraging sterling technologies.

Delivering best value for money is our top priority. Letting customers decide the scale and mode of services reflects our audacious approach to the mission – ‘Your success!’

All our services are bespoke. Onsite or offshore delivery, short or long term association, individual consultant to a complete team engagement, discrete services to an end-to-end assignment – we are happy making it all possible.

Embedded systems software

The technology world is nimbly moving towards device integration. Businesses are engaging their innovative forces to build complex systems while keeping the associated costs under control.

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Digital Signal Processing

At NetConz, Digital Signal Processing is one of the specialties. From a mere FFT to a complex algorithm, we build your custom prototypes and get the system running with less time to market.

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Video streaming software

NetConz Technologies took a fundamentally critical challenge of delivering video content to any screen providing just one IP video solution from a single platform, saving on the customers' time

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At NetConz we always have requirements across several locations in USA for developers, testers, and architects in the domains of embedded systems software, DSPs, video streaming software, and Linux based systems. Go ahead and submit your profile, we will get back to you if your profile matches any of the open positions, or for any future requirements as and when they come up.



Technology is sometimes only as good as the principles that govern its application. The core philosophy at NetConz Technologies is thus to deliver a platter of services that add best value to business by leveraging sterling technologies.

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